What is your financial goal? Perhaps you want to buy your first home. Maybe you want to retire with a generous pension pot, or perhaps you are simply keen to get your finances under control and then think about getting a savings, investment and insurance plan in place that safeguards your entire family.

No matter what your goals are, it is essential to have a financial consultant you can trust. After all, money is precious, and we work hard to earn it. You need to know that you’ll have the best possible advice when it comes to saving it, investing it, or borrowing it for a defined purpose.

Meet your new finance consultant

Christine Ibbotson is a Canadian financial author and personal finance news columnist who also works with clients to provide tailored, expert financial advice. Each of Christine’s clients have very different goals and circumstances when it comes to their money. However, regardless of their financial aspirations, Christine provides unbiased, honest and completely nonjudgmental advice in a simple, supportive and straightforward manner.

Advice to get out of debt

Nothing grinds you down faster than debt, so let Christine help you plan to escape your debts and look forward to a life without stressful creditor calls or chasing letters. Clear your overdraft, your credit card bill, your outstanding loans and other debt with a manageable and affordable financial plan that makes sense. Wondering what your options are for more serious debts? Christine can help to explain them clearly and helpfully without judgment.

Planning to grow your wealth

The right financial consultant will help you to grow your wealth and to paydown debt, whatever your earning potential, current income or financial goals. Christine provides different strategies and routes for building wealth, eliminating debt and giving you the confidence and clarity for a secure future.

Learning how to invest

It is perfectly possible to grow your own portfolio with only a small amount of capital. Christine will show you how and explain how to avoid the pitfalls.

Considering starting a business?

What works? What doesn’t? What should any entrepreneur know before starting? Don’t make the mistakes that others have made. Use an expert finance consultant to fast-track to success.

Accessing alternative finance

Sometimes banks say no to a customer, and they are not sure what their options are next or who to turn to. Christine provides valuable insights and a practical steer on positive next steps.

Get in touch

Get in touch today for an experienced and friendly finance consultant who has the power to help you change your financial future. During this period of Covid restrictions, Christine works on a one-to-one basis via Zoom calls, offering the same tailored and flexible financial coaching services, but with social distancing in place for safety.

Whatever your needs, call Christine and book your first appointment now to take control of your finances and meet your goals.