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Ask The Money Lady

on CTV News

Christine partners with CTV stations across Canada to provide financial tips to Canadians. Watch Christine on CTV Morning Live, CTV News @5pm, and CTV News @6pm.

Reaching over 11 million viewers every day, Christine is proud to be part of Canada’s largest television network.

The “Ask the Money Lady Minute”
The “Ask the Money Lady Podcast”
The “Ask the Money Lady Radio Show” on SaltWire Network

Ask The Money Lady

on the Radio

Christine has over 400 radio partners across the country playing the “Ask The Money Lady Show” Monday to Friday.

Whether in the big cities or in the small towns across the country, Christine partners with corporate and community radio stations in every province.

You can list to her podcast by clicking on the podcast platform that you listen on the left.

Ask The Money Lady

Advice Events

Advice Events are a major part of Christine’s mantra. She believes that Canadians “need to know more.” Christine says:

Canadians are tired of being under-serviced and over-sold, and they want the knowledge of how to really make money in the market, how to make home ownership a reality and how to choose the best products to eliminate debt and create wealth.

Christine speaks regularly in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and BC. Be a part of the ATML Movement and join a FREE event today.

Top 5 Advice Events for 2024 Calendar:

  • Millennial Saving Strategies: How to Retire Richer Than Your Parents
  • Only 5 Years to go – How to Fix Your Finances to Retire Wealthy
  • Becoming an Entrepreneurial Super Star
  • The Gen Z Roadmap to Guaranteed Wealth
  • How to be Happy in Retirement

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Ask The Money Lady

in the Newspaper

Christine started off her journey as Ask The Money Lady by writing in local newspapers across Canada. She believes this is still the most important part of her job. Christine writes 16 columns every month that go out to over 800 community newspapers across Canada in print and digital formats. You can find her columns in every major newspaper as well as many small time local newspapers that make up the life-blood of rural Canada.

Ask The Money Lady

TV Show

Coming Soon…

To local TV and streaming services this Fall 2024.

How to Retire Debt Free & Wealthy

Christine Ibbotson has been providing financial advice for decades. She’s fully aware of the reality: In today’s busy life, most people are worried about their jobs, their kids, and what to make for dinner. Planning for the future is usually last on the list. Most believe it is too difficult to understand all the ins and outs of the financial markets, how to save and plan for the future, and how to pay off their mortgage. They would rather leave it up to someone else to make the decisions on their retirement portfolios. As Ibbotson suggests, most people simply wait too long to plan—and then panic.

In How to Retire Debt-Free and Wealthy, Licensed Financial Advisor Christine Ibbotson offers accessible and realistic guidelines in a series of achievable steps, from debt elimination to wealth management, teaching readers how to create their own customizable financial plans. Illustrated with stories of real clients who have achieved their retirement dreams, Ibbotson’s book is sure to leave readers with all the tools and techniques to save and eliminate debt.

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Ask The Money Lady works in collaboration with valued sponsors who are committed to increasing financial literacy across Canada.


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Christine provides up-to-date professional strategies to increase your investment income, provide options on how to target and eliminate debt, strategies for building wealth, and of course instills the much needed confidence and financial clarity to secure your future.

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