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Christine Ibbotson is an Canadian Author, National and Syndicated News Columnist, and Professional Financial Speaker and Presenter. She also has three radio shows called the “Ask The Money Lady Minute,” “Your Money Today” and a live-call in show called “Ask The Money Lady.” She writes for over 630 Newspapers in Canada with over 21 million readers and is heard on 327 radio stations across Canada. Christine is the Author of her book entitled "How to Retire Debt Free & Wealthy" available on Amazon and Indigo. In How to Retire Debt-Free and Wealthy, Christine offers accessible and realistic guidelines in a series of achievable steps, from debt elimination to wealth management, teaching readers how to create their own customizable financial plans.

My advisor suggested investing in annuities and the way he made it sound I was really thinking of doing it. Could you tell me what you think?

2023-09-30T14:45:26-04:00By |In the News|

Annuities are a great way to save for the future and usually chosen by someone who does not want to be concerned with the ups and downs of the stock market, but instead prefers a “set-it and leave-it” strategy with a guaranteed monthly income for life. All annuities are insurance products and vary widely based on the provider. Clients can choose an index tailored to specific profiles, such as conservative, moderate, [...]

Do you know where you are going in life? If you don’t know where you are going – any path will take you there!

2023-09-30T14:38:54-04:00By |In the News|

We all know that goal setting is the key to success. It provides us with the strength to keep going when times are tough, and it gives us direction when we feel lost. But what if you don’t have any goals? Well, you need to pick a goal – any goal – your best guess for today will do! I don’t want you to procrastinate and wait for the perfect goal. Pick [...]

Dear Money Lady, I have been offered a new job as a contractor and I am not sure if I should take it. Could you tell me what the difference is between an employee versus a contractor?

2023-09-30T14:30:47-04:00By |In the News|

Great question – one that most people should know! Most Canadians, if given the chance to take a contracted position over an employee position will always choose the employee placement, thinking it is more secure and better than being labelled an independent contractor. This is a false notion, one that always leaves a lot of money on the table. Long-time contracted Canadians know the benefits of this employment choice and often would [...]

Now in an economic environment where people are struggling, it is important to remember that charity comes in many forms – monetary of course, but also by being helpful, understanding, loving and generous with your time and support.

2023-09-30T14:23:38-04:00By |In the News|

It is a common assumption that those people stuck in the cycles of poverty, are personally responsible for their situation. This is a widespread belief by many who arbitrarily assign moral meanings to poverty. It is very easy for outside observers to see ways that the poor should better their situation. Those with money often say, “if they wanted it bad enough, they would find a way to improve.” Passing judgement on [...]

I received a large severance from my employer that recently eliminated my job after 38 years. I plan to find an Advisor, but because I have never had one before I am wondering what I should pay for their services.

2023-04-15T12:36:35-04:00By |Daily Advice Tips, In the News|

You are not the only one looking around for a new investment advisor. With the volatile stock market environment, many people have sent me comments and questions about how to move their portfolios to a new advisor. I would caution those investors on making any quick changes and selling stock at this time. Remember, the key is to maintain a well-diversified portfolio which includes bonds, cash, and high-quality stocks. [...]

Are you planning to retire this year? If so, you need to make sure you don’t do what 80% of Canadians do once they do their “hard-stop” to working.

2023-04-15T12:32:40-04:00By |Daily Advice Tips|

One thing is common amongst almost all new retirees; they all underestimate the amount of funds needed in retirement and all have a profound adjustment during the first year. This is called the “honey-moon” stage. When most Canadians retire (average age is 61 in 2021) and are still young enough and vibrant. New retirees have a lot of pent-up desire to travel and of course spend money. Typically, all [...]

I am planning to buy a home with my new partner, and I have the money for the down payment or more. My boyfriend has no savings but has the income to get the mortgage. I am currently working part-time, but I don’t make enough to pay the mortgage payment. We each have adult kids from previous marriages. Can you tell me what is the best thing to do?

2023-04-15T12:26:59-04:00By |Daily Advice Tips|

I am so glad to share your question with our Canadian readers because this is a common event with older couples, especially those divorced and now wanting to start a new life with someone else. I have seen this before where one partner may be asset rich – meaning they have the savings, but they do not earn much, and the other partner may not have the savings but [...]

I have life insurance and I was considering getting disability and critical illness insurance too. It’s a lot more expensive, and I don’t know whether I should spend the money on it. I’m self-employed. What do you think?

2023-04-15T12:19:26-04:00By |Daily Advice Tips|

That’s a great question – and my answer is a resounding YES !! I want to share with you a story about a long-time client of mine who was gracious enough to allow me to share it with you. Once you read it, you will see why any type of personal insurance is never quite enough, especially when you are self-employed. Today, income protection (disability insurance) is often overlooked [...]

I quit my job and started a home-based business 18 months ago and can barely survive. How can I start making more money?

2023-04-15T12:13:03-04:00By |Daily Advice Tips|

You can’t help the poor and starving, if you are the poor and starving! There are so many fabulous entrepreneurs who like yourself are eager to help people and change the world with their wonderful work; but unfortunately, if they don’t master how to get paid, they will end up broke. Sometimes it could be a simple change of your mindset or even your daily routine to prosper and [...]

How much money have you left on the table over the course of your career because you didn’t ask for more?

2023-04-15T12:06:14-04:00By |Daily Advice Tips|

I have to say there are a lot of people that have emailed me recently asking how they can make more money in the current economy. First of all – I want you to consider this statement: “the money you lose in life is the money you failed to earn.” So, what does that mean? Well, what if you were able to raise your prices 15%, but didn’t? How [...]

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