Dear Money Lady, can you explain what mutual funds are, and which ones I should consider?

Of course! Let’s start by giving you a general overview of what a mutual fund is and why you should use it when investing. A mutual fund, (MF) is just that – a fund of different types of products such as stocks, bonds, and money markets. When you invest in a MF you invest money into the fund with everyone else, and by doing so, your contribution is measured in units. You will be given a number of units based on the daily market price called a NAV price per share (net asset value) and you will share in the income, gains, losses, and expenses of the fund you now partially own. MFs are a great way for any investor to take advantage of buying into a fund, managed by a professional investment specialist, whose sole goal is to analyze the financial markets and monitor performance. As well, [...]

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Why Should You Seek Professional Financial Advice Before Investing in a Home?

Good financial advice is essential for money-related decisions that we make in our lives, from saving up for college to investing in a pension. One of the greatest investments many of us make in our lives, is the purchase of a home, so should be considered carefully. The decision to buy your home For most of us, the decision to buy our first property - or any subsequent property - is tied up in more than just simple financials. After all, a bricks-and-mortar investment represents security, as well as a potentially smart investment. It's a place where you can stamp your mark, raise a family, and provides you with a source of security and a chance to avoid the rental trap. Often, with the right mortgage in place, your own home can also work out to be cheaper than a rental equivalent, even with the costs of maintenance involved. [...]

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