In the past it was generally thought to be 65, the age most would retire at.  Now there is no single point at which one becomes old.  In a society of living longer, working longer and now being healthier than ever before, there is no real single age at which one becomes old.  In fact, normal aging is not really felt until after age 75 for most Canadians.  Aging is not all loss, decline, sadness and depression.  Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of aging, why not look around at today’s seniors.  They are more educated, more resilient and now healthier and happier than their parents ever were in retirement.  Today more than any other time in history we see a growing population of aging retirees living longer.  This makes it all the more important to not only have a sound financial plan but also a personalized lifestyle plan to enjoy your time once you stop working.  Consider reading the chapter on “Retirement Dreaming” in my book:  How To Retire Debt Free & Wealthy.