Dear Money Lady, I have recently separated from my partner and am finding it really hard to figure out my finances and make ends meet…

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... I am only making the interest payments on my credit line that is now maxed and I have cancelled my gym membership and even Netflix. I don’t even want to indulge in buying grapes at the store because I can’t afford it. Please help! Julie   Dear Julie – Hang in there, it will get better! Divorced, separated, and starting over can be very hard on you personally, [...]

Why are so many Canadians still struggling with money when we have such a large banking industry that says it wants to help us?

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Today Canada is dominated by five large banks, that now control 91% of the entire Canadian financial service industry, with approximately $4 Trillion in assets. The Royal Bank’s recent purchase of HSBC only amplifies this fact. Many may think that there are larger industries in Canada, however as of 2021 the financial sector is now the largest industry in terms of employment in Canada. There now is so much [...]

I can’t believe the high price of groceries nowadays. Any advice?

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You are so right – the cost of groceries has gone up 12.4% according to Stats Canada since January 2022 and with the continued trend that we are to experience a “mild recession” this year, we can expect the costs to rise a little more. Let’s go through five quick tips that will help lower your food expenses. 1. Go back to the old way of shopping – clip [...]

What is a Co-Habitation Agreement & Why Do You Need One?

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My eldest son recently declared he was moving in with his girlfriend after 14 months of dating to save money together for their future – without a ring or proposal.  I was quite surprised by this announcement since I am definitely an old school mum who believes you should be married or at least engaged to be living together.  But, trying to be more worldly, I have adjusted my [...]

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