Are you having trouble picturing your retirement and having difficulty setting a goal for that inevitable future?  Here is a great way to stay motivated and begin to create excitement toward future attainable goals.  Why not create a “DREAM BOARD.”  This is a collection of pictures that you can acquire over time and post on a mirror, cork board, or even on the back of a closet door.  Start dreaming!   Inspire your self for greater achievements and things to accomplish and strive for.  Start with a picture of the new car you want to buy in the future, a picture of your dream vacation, cottage, garden, or neighbourhood you want to move to.  Start encouraging yourself to think outside the box.  Get your dreams out of your head and right in front of you.  Create a visual aspiration board that keeps you driven, motivated and focused to striving for more.  You CAN go further in every facet of your life – Dream Bigger, Try Harder and Get More Out of Life !!