If you are invested in the stock market you know we are now making our way into the last quarter and have seen the market getting more commoditized as medium and low price pressures hit big business.  We predict that the stock market will move in a more sideways pattern in the short term and through the fall.  Focus your portfolio more on money management by investing in Institutional SMA’s rather than worrying about the day-to-day market issues hitting your Guided Stock Portfolio or MF’s.  Most UMA/SMA (Unified Managed Accounts & Separately Managed Accounts) have downside market protection and some even provide guaranteed floor rate returns that protect your assets against market swings and volatility.  Remember your investment portfolio needs to be guided by a “Rules-Based-Investment-Philosophy.”  Downside protection is the key to growing your portfolio.  If you were to lose 50% of your stock portfolio – you would need a 100% return to just get back to where you started!