Many people never challenge themselves and never think about what their defining moment is in their life?  Everyone will have at least one – “a ha” moment, where they finally say, okay I am going to change.  I’m going to go in a different direction, make a difference and aspire for more.  So, what is yours?  This Coronavirus has forced most of us to stop, slow down, and shall I dare say, “smell the roses!”

There are so many abundant choices and personal opportunities out there for all of us and we need to build out our existing plans of our future and become engaged and purposeful.  Consider going deeper with your thoughts and ideas.  Drop your negative beliefs that have always held you back and stop selling your self short.  You really can do anything you set your mind to.  When looking at starting a business – best to wait and see how the market recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.  We anticipate a lot of pent-up demand, but I must caution you to go slowly and ensure you have a well thought out business plan.   Talk to your banker and see what options are available to assist you in funding your new venture.  Rates are now as low as they were after the 2008 Financial Crisis and there seems to be a big push with all the Tier One banks to expand their small business platform.  I have seen TD, BMO and RBC all recently increasing their commercial lending opportunities.

Remember, successful people fill their mind with all the ways that they can get what they want.  Let’s start doing that and no giving up this time.  Keep going, believe you can, like yourself for making a change, and discard the inevitable setbacks and obstacles that you will have to overcome in your new journey.  Just keep persisting until you succeed.  You can go in a different direction, change your life, begin again.  Just make a difference.  It is often just a mind shift to believing that YOU CAN!