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Have they said you’re too old to start a business? Here are 5 business ideas to do over 60.

There are many people over 60 wanting to retire from their conventional jobs and finally work for themselves.  There are even those that may be older and now retired who want to return to work but require a flexible schedule.  So why shouldn’t you consider working in retirement?   Today we look at five options that you can do it on your own terms, as a self-employed entrepreneur, with your own rules and work arrangements that now fit into your schedule and not that of a demanding employer. Working virtually has [...]

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Traditional Advertising vs. Social Media Advertising!

I have 3 radio shows that play across Canada with over 14 million listeners and my broadcasting partners sell ad space on my shows.  Recently, with the economic changes I have seen many sponsors leave their advertising campaigns, recoiling and reining in expenditures, to hunker down for an economic pullback.  This is surprising to me every time it happens – and I have witnessed it many times in different markets.  Everyone has lots of bravado and motivation when the going is easy, but when it gets harder, they cave, fold, [...]

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Dear Money Lady Readers: Are You a Good Judge of Someone’s Character?

Being a good judge of character is a unique and valuable skill.  One that will advance your career, increase your net worth, give you more personal friends, as well as make you more money.  If you can be a good judge of character, you will be able to avoid hiring mistakes, size up first impressions with your new boss and correctly focus on what matters to potential decision makers.  Judging someone on their skill and accomplishments is relatively objective and straightforward, but gauging their attitude is much harder and it [...]

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The mystery behind Preferred Shares – should you consider them ?

I often have people ask me whether they should include preferred shares in their portfolio and although I am not a great fan of this investment product, I have many peers who use them exclusively in their client’s portfolios.  So, today let’s talk about all the different types that are available and you can see for yourself if this is an investment style you would like to entertain. What are they?  Preferred shares are corporate shares that are not classified as common or restricted.  Preferred shares usually receive a fixed [...]

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Dear Money Lady, I’m in my late 30’s and don’t have a Will. I’m married and have only one child. When should l get one – do I really need it?

You are not alone.  Many Canadians put off getting a Will because they either don’t want to spend the money or they don’t want to think about the possibility of dying.  This however is a big mistake.  Dying without a Will, means you will have absolutely no say about any of your assets or care for your children or pets once you die. Let’s just look at some of the immediate issues that will arise should you die without a Will.  First, the Canadian Government will immediately become the Executor of [...]

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“The Things You Do Can Cost You… But the Things You Don’t Do, Can Cost You Everything !”

Dear Money Lady readers:  I wanted to share this quote with you “The things you do can cost you... but the things you don’t do, can cost you everything !”  I was at a fantastic women’s event recently and was inspired to share with you the insights of this event.  One of the many speakers had a profound message: “You can’t quantify how much business you’re not getting through your non-efforts.”  Wow – isn’t that the truth! The real money you lose in life is the money you fail to [...]

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What is a Co-Habitation Agreement & Why Do You Need One?

My eldest son recently declared he was moving in with his girlfriend after 14 months of dating to save money together for their future – without a ring or proposal.  I was quite surprised by this announcement since I am definitely an old school mum who believes you should be married or at least engaged to be living together.  But, trying to be more worldly, I have adjusted my archaic dinosaur ways to now realize that this is happening all the time with millennials, (all over the world).  A marriage [...]

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Dear Money Lady, can you explain what mutual funds are, and which ones I should consider?

Of course! Let’s start by giving you a general overview of what a mutual fund is and why you should use it when investing. A mutual fund, (MF) is just that – a fund of different types of products such as stocks, bonds, and money markets. When you invest in a MF you invest money into the fund with everyone else, and by doing so, your contribution is measured in units. You will be given a number of units based on the daily market price called a NAV price [...]

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What are Annuities?  

I am often asked to discuss annuities, so today I want to delve a little deeper into this strategy, often used to create a lifelong income in retirement.  Life annuities are designed for clients who have insufficient savings and/or a very low risk tolerance to investing in the market.  There are four main types of annuities: straight life, joint life, term-certain and deferred.  We will discuss each one plus some of the added features you can opt for.  Straight life annuities are the simplest.  This annuity guarantees a periodic income [...]

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Alternative to a Reverse Mortgage!  

I was overwhelmed with the response from readers about the previous column I wrote on reverse mortgages.  There seems to be many Canadians considering this product as a way to inject the much needed funds into their later years of retirement.  Many of you had questions about other alternatives so I wanted to provide you with one that I believe would indeed be a better option: a collateral charge.  The problem with a reverse mortgage is, you will often receive a portion of your home equity as a lump-sum to [...]

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Would you consider a Reverse Mortgage?  

I love the latest TV commercial with actor Tom Sellick about reverse mortgages.  It must be his fabulous moustache and soothing voice.  Okay, all joking aside, it is almost impossible to escape the cadre of aging male actors and athletes who’ve found a second career as pitch-men for reverse mortgages.  Kurt Browning is the front man for Canada’s CHIP reverse mortgage product.  So, should you consider it?  Reverse mortgages have their place as a viable equity product and there are only two lenders in Canada that offer them: Home [...]

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Are You a Fan of Hustle Culture? 

Hustle culture is something my demographic, (ages 45 to 55) and our parents have been used to all our lives.  Living by the motto that you can’t be successful unless you “work really hard, show up every day ready to overcome any obstacle, with a no-limits attitude, and of course, programmed for greatness.”  We quickly passed judgment on anyone who didn’t seem to be working hard, and everything in our lives had to become second to our all-mighty career.  Sound familiar?    There are tonnes of books out there pushing [...]

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Let’s Take a Lesson From a Children’s Book !

I recently went to a friend’s home and had the pleasure of reading a book to her 4-year-old granddaughter and I had forgotten how wise these children’s books are.  Written by adults for children, but with a message in the story for us all.  The book was called “Days with Frog and Toad,” written by Arnold Lobel.  The story starts with Toad waking up one morning and complaining about his messy house and how many jobs he had to do.  He exclaims to Frog that he is going back [...]

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Canadian Women Considering Retirement – Are You Ready? 

Did you know that according to Stats Canada there are approximately 7.3 million women between the ages of 51 to 62 in Canada?  That’s a lot of ladies.  I love to be in the company of so many Canadian women.  Women born in the late 50’s or 60’s were told they should grow up to be secretaries, grocery cashiers or better yet just be a good mother.  Now I am not saying this is bad, if you did this and have been happy – that is fabulous.  But, most [...]

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