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Dear Money Lady Readers: Why do we have trouble saving money?

Everyone can agree that improving our daily habits should greatly impact our life and our future, yet we all tend to do the same things every day, rather than something better. Many people walk through life in a cognitive slumber, blindly following the norms attached to their identity. “I’m terrible with directions.” “I’m not good with technology.” “I’m not a morning person.” Why is it so easy to repeat bad habits and so hard to form good ones? This time next year – will you have made things better or [...]

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Why are so many Canadians still struggling with money when we have such a large banking industry that says it wants to help us?

Today Canada is dominated by five large banks, that now control 91% of the entire Canadian financial service industry, with approximately $4 Trillion in assets. The Royal Bank’s recent purchase of HSBC only amplifies this fact. Many may think that there are larger industries in Canada, however as of 2021 the financial sector is now the largest industry in terms of employment in Canada. There now is so much information out there, it’s hard to know if someone is trying to truly help you or sell you something that is [...]

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I can’t believe the high price of groceries nowadays. Any advice?

You are so right – the cost of groceries has gone up 12.4% according to Stats Canada since January 2022 and with the continued trend that we are to experience a “mild recession” this year, we can expect the costs to rise a little more. Let’s go through five quick tips that will help lower your food expenses. 1. Go back to the old way of shopping – clip those coupons. There are many coupons on-line that you can print off and use from retailers or product manufacturers. I just [...]

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Is it possible to make money without investing in the stock market? Why is this the only option provided by my financial planner?

This is a very good question – and there are many other ways to make money instead of the traditional method of purchasing securities in the stock market. Let’s look at the top five. Remember, the key to investing wisely is to choose an investment that will monetize upon itself, to grow and compound over time. You want some type of appreciating asset that you can rely on to provide a revenue stream once in retirement. Financial planners and advisors want to do this through the stock market encouraging most [...]

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Dear Money Lady,  My adult daughter just moved back home to save money and brought her boyfriend with her.  I like the boyfriend, but right now he doesn’t have a job…

I always told my kids I would help them as best I could – but I never thought they would come back to live with me.  I am 74 and I like living on my own and I don’t think I can afford to keep them here.  Please help.      (PS: they also have two big dogs and I have a 12-year-old cat – ouch!).     Margaret   I feel for you Margaret – you need to set some ground rules – NOW !! Today there are many parents like Margaret.  While [...]

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Why not consider diversifying your portfolio in part with structured notes?

Dear Money Lady Readers, Many of you have sent me emails with genuine worry about your retirement portfolios as we ride the waves of high inflation, lending rates, and low stock market returns.  I want to introduce you to an alternative to securities, mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs).  Why not consider diversifying your portfolio in part with structured notes?   There is something for everyone in the Structured Notes (SN) arena because they vary by complexity and risk.  They are certainly not for everyone; however, are still a [...]

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Dear Money Lady Readers: I have written about legacies before, but wanted to share it with you again as we enter a new year.

I often travel across the country doing speaking events and had the privilege of speaking to a charity in December.  After the event, I spent some time with a group of ladies, (all over 70 years), who were very active in their communities.   As I worked my way through the group, meeting all these wonderful women, I realized each one had single handily enriched their retirements by supporting a cause they believed in.  They seemed younger than their years, they were happy, vibrant and all beautiful women.  All from various [...]

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Have you heard about the tax free First Home Savings Account, FHSA?

Many first-time home buyers have cooled off and ceased their house hunting searches as the market levels off with interest rates still climbing.  Home prices have still not dropped down as low as some buyers were hoping for; and as we sit poised for another year, it is now anyone’s guess what will happen. Many economists say the interest rates will climb even higher especially with the Canadian prime rate inching it’s way closer to 7%.  But there are also those, like myself, who approved mortgages for clients in the [...]

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Dear Money Lady Readers: According to a recent Stats Canada study, 1 out of 5 Canadians have saved over $300,000 for their retirement. That means, there are still 4 other Canadians that obviously have less than $300,000 saved.

So, let’s talk about what to do if you have low-income or maybe the occasional no-income situation and are finding it hard to save. What can you do to budget and save for future expenditures, let alone a retirement fund? It is much harder for those impoverished to improve their situation than it is for those in our middle-class, especially today. That being said, there are many poor that have much more drive, determination, and fortitude than some who have money. I can guarantee you; many low-income Canadians struggle with [...]

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Dear Money Lady, I am in my 70’s and remember when rates were 18%. I wondered if you think we are headed for a recession in 2023?

To answer you honestly – I’m not sure. Let me tell you why. Currently no one knows for sure where inflation is headed or whether it will continue to be volatile. The three-month trend is averaging 5.8% so there is no denying that it is a force to be reckoned with in 2023. Basically, economists and analysts, have very little experience with true inflation other than what we witnessed in the late 70’s and early 80’s, when you witnessed interest rates at 18%. I will agree, that Canadians should indeed [...]

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Dear Money Lady Readers: Do you unknowingly sabotage your prospects for the future?

As you head into the balance of this year and make plans for 2023, we all challenge ourselves to do better in the new year. Lose weight, get more fit, balance your budget, pay off consumer debt, save to buy a home, the list can be endless with our self-improvement goals. Whether changes to your health or your wealth, the methodology is the same. In fact, I guarantee that if you follow these three steps, you will lower your debts, increase your bank account, and maybe even improve your diet [...]

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Dear Money Lady: I need some help with my investments, I have lost so much money in the market this year. I have an advisor, but he doesn’t seem to know what to do.

Another great question! There are many different viewpoints on how to invest so let’s cover the basics and some questions you can ask your financial advisor to get you making money. Not everyone acts the same with loss and although we like to think we are rational in our decisions, the research and evidence suggests that all investors (and some advisors) tend to sometimes act irrationally with errors in judgment caused by greed, emotion, and the fear of loss. Basically, there are two ways that most Canadians invest in the [...]

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Dear Money Lady – I have not topped up my TFSA, should I do it now in December or wait until January?

Great question! – I think a lot of people are wondering this too. I don’t believe in timing the stock market; however, December and January have specific attributes that the other months of the year just don’t have. So, let’s talk about that. For those of you that regularly invest in the equity markets, you may have noticed that your portfolio always takes a bit of a hit at the end of November.  This is due to the month-end pension fund portfolio rebalancing done by large mutual fund companies and [...]

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Have they said you’re too old to start a business? Here are 5 business ideas to do over 60.

There are many people over 60 wanting to retire from their conventional jobs and finally work for themselves.  There are even those that may be older and now retired who want to return to work but require a flexible schedule.  So why shouldn’t you consider working in retirement?   Today we look at five options that you can do it on your own terms, as a self-employed entrepreneur, with your own rules and work arrangements that now fit into your schedule and not that of a demanding employer. Working virtually has [...]

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