Have you decided to make this 2020 Year   –  YOUR year to get your finances in order !!

Do you want to have your money working for you – rather than for the banks and everyone else out there trying to squeeze “every last dollar” out of your wallet.

This year we are going to get back to basics and here we will show you how to payoff debt, save for the future and become wealthy.  Every week we will provide tips on everything to do with money, investing and dissolving your debt!

We invite you to check my website for the Calendar of Upcoming Events and Free Focus Groups offered across Canada this year in 2020.  With the launch of my new book through Nimbus Publishing we will be touring across the country to reach more Canadians.  Come out and meet me, get inspired, get motivated to become wealthy, and learn the tricks and techniques of how the Rich get Richer!

We look forward to meeting you and reading your comments here.

Sneak Peak:  3rd Book to come out in Fall 2020, Pre-orders start in August:

“Millennial Saving Strategies – How to Retire Wealthier Than Your Parents”