Try as we may to not compare ourselves to others, sometimes we just can’t help it.  It’s not like we are living in isolation.  We are surrounded by people that we continually use as a personal yard stick for comparison to our own lives.  Daily we are bombarded by media advertisements letting us know that if we buy more we will be more beautiful, smarter, healthier and of course happier…….right?  Because of this, many people overestimate how much they really need in retirement and get upset when they think they are not saving enough.  The fact is, the secret to retiring happy is to retire in comfort.  You do not need millions in the bank to have a good retirement.  What you do need is security.  Security that you can comfortably live out your days in dignity without relying on someone else to support you financially.  Think about what you want to do in retirement.  How do you plan to spend most of your time when you stop working?  Make an honest budget of what expenses you will have and plan to save for that goal.  Your plan does not have to have mathematical exactness, but rather should be an arrangement of ideas that will construct your future.  Remember, anything worth having starts with a strong and persistent desire.  Believe in your ability to become more and you will be. Start planning your future today!